Welcome To Golfixx

Golfixx’s missions is to create a space that Golfers of all abilities can enjoy with family or friends. A place that Golfers of all abilities can receive quality video instruction using TrackMan technology combined with over 30 years of teaching experience. Creating the “place to go” where players can experiment with or get their swing “Dialed in”


#1 Receive quality instruction and instant feedback from video and TrackMan technology

#2 ALWAYS the perfect temperature No Wind, Rain, Cold or Heat

#3 Revolutionary Trackman simulator with the Highest Quality Graphics in the industry

#4 Play some of the top courses in the world without the Travel costs

#5 Intimate setting with no outside distractions

#6 Compete with your friends in a round of golf after work

#7 No waiting behind the group in front of you

#8 Explore the games you can play with friends like Closest to the Hole, Capture the Flag or have a Long Drive Contest

#9 “Dial in” your exact yardages with every club in your bag

#10 Learn more about your own golf swing

#11 No need to convince your “significant other” to put a HD simulator in your garage when you can rent one for a fraction of the cost



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